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About iikonz

iikonz’ journey began with Priya Balasubramanian, a mother of two children, who developed a passion towards storytelling. Priya went on to train as a career analyst, life coach, trainer and a counselor. She started a forum called Kadhaikalam Vaangaa storyteller’s platform through which Priya trained, coached and counseled over 100 people, kids and adults alike. iikonz is an offspring of Kadhaikalam Vaanga, designed to impart training through extensive use of storytelling and theatre-based activities.

Our Programs

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International Certified Career Development Professional . Did you know? In India, there is only one qualified career counselor for every 555,555 workers in the labor force of 500 million. This indicates a significant shortage of career counselors in India. To address this gap and equip career development professionals with necessary knowledge and resources, we have come up with ICCDP – an international dual certification program by iikonz.
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India’s No. 1 Career Counseling Services. Selecting a career path is far more than simply following your passion or expertise. It’s an intricate process that requires thoughtful consideration and planning to achieve success. Register now and explore the world of Career Counseling and coaching with IIKONZ!
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Certified Storyteller Program

Unlock the Magic of Storytelling with our 8 sessions certified storyteller program. Have you always had that pull towards telling stories or listening to stories? Well, here’s your chance to Xplore *Storytelling* as an *Art & Experience* and get certified as a professional storyteller



Priya coach is amazing. I did story telling session with her and it was wonderful. So many technique she taught, her workshop leading skill is amazing. She also gives lot of worksheets, resources once the course ends. She gives feedback for every session and monitors too. After the session too she takes care if we need any support. I am so happy to be part of her story telling sessions.. Looking forward for more and more sessions.

Iyengar Mythily

Storytelling Workshop for Teachers


Wonderful guidance to identify our own self interest. All her sessions were thought provoking. Both an individual and team spirits were brought out during sessions

Preethi Padmanaban

Storytelling Workshop for Adults


I got a positive vibration on attending this class,this was one of the excellent period in which, I learnt some interesting stuff by Different methods such as Discussions ,and etc,I enjoyed a lot in this few sessions itself , I am thinking that ,these few sessions itself was really joyful and if I had a long period of ignite Minds sessions, it would be exactly......I have no words say.... And Priya Mam was a great friendly teacher, not to say as a teacher, I'll say as a superb friend.......teaching, playing, friendly behavior, all impressed me and now I want continue I hope my wish comes true....😊🤗🥰🤔

Amritaa.S .Useful

Student of Ignite Minds

About The Founder

Priya Balasubramanian is a certified career analyst, professional storyteller, and a theatre practitioner. Priya is a passionate storyteller, life coach, career counselor, and trainer with 3 years of experience as a freelance storyteller, life skills trainer, and career counselor and coach for children and adults.

As a school counselor and student empowerment coach, her vision is to help children achieve their fullest potential. Priya is curious and passionate about continuous learning and establishing valuable connections, and seeks to impart the same values through her training. Priya applies the skills and knowledge acquired by her through her training as a career counselor and life coach to make effective use of storytelling for counseling, coaching, and therapy to ensure high retention and recall. She develops solutions based on individuals’ strengths, taking into consideration the emotional and interpersonal challenges in their lives. Priya is a big believer of planning a few steps ahead to grab all potential opportunities and turning adversities in your favour.

priya balasubramanian iikonz founder

Priya Balasubramanian

Founder iikonz

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