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Come Let’s Explore The World of Career Counseling with IIKONZ! Looking for career guidance?Look no further! You are at the right place!

Selecting a career path is far more than simply following your passion or expertise. It's an intricate process that requires thoughtful consideration and planning to achieve success.

International partnerships with ICC, APCDA, ISO, etc

Enabled 1500+ clients achieve career success

Our Accreditations

we are associated with APCDA, a leading professional organization that promotes career development in the Asia-Pacific region.

Our dual certification program is recognized by the ICC Club, an international body, which awards our students with the title of internationally certified career counselors

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Looking for career guidance? Look no further! You are at the right place!

Our CareerPRO program powered by IIKONZ is an exclusive program that consists of three levels – Initiate, Enable, and Achieve – with different features and prices to cater to different needs and budgets.

Our career development programs offer a comprehensive approach to career growth and success, tailored to meet each individuals’ unique needs and financial resources.

  • Perfect for individuals who are just starting their career journey
  • Self-awareness tests to gain clarity and direction in career path
  • Personalized career recommendations and a roadmap
  • Career counseling session with follow-ups


  • Designed for those who are looking to take their career to the next level
  • Self-awareness tests and career demos to identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Personalized career recommendations and a roadmap
  • Four career coaching sessions for skill development
  • Career counseling session with up to four follow-ups


  • For individuals who are committed to reaching their full potential and becoming effective leaders
  • Includes everything from the previous programs
  • Exclusive LEAD program with eight leadership skills training sessions
  • Develop and enhance leadership abilities to take on bigger challenges in career

What You Will Gain When You Enroll With Our CareerPRO by IIKONZ

Personalized career recommendations and guidance

Comprehensive self-awareness tests to identify strengths and interests

Access to over 600 career demos and insights

Streamlined career roadmap to achieve career goals

Leadership skills training to enhance professional growth

Career coaching sessions for career development

Follow-up sessions to track progress and make adjustments

Partnership with accredited institutions for reliable career guidance

Expert guidance from experienced career professionals

Increased confidence and clarity in career decision-making

After Enrolling Up With Our Services You Will Be Able To

Transform Your Career and Unlock Your Full Potential with our Program

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"Unleash Your Career Potential and Achieve Success with Our Program"

Why Choose IIKONZ!​

#1 Personalized Approach

Personalized career guidance and support are provided by CareerPro catering to your unique needs

#2 Access to Exclusive Resources

Our exclusive career-related resources help participants evaluate their strengths, self-awareness, and goals

#3 Long-Term Support

Our continuous support enables you to overcome obstacles and advance your career

#4 Enabled 1500+ clients achieve career success

Out team has enabled more than 1500+ clients to achieve their career success

Our Students Speak For Us

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"Testimonials #1"

"Thanks to Achieve program, I got clarity and direction for my career path after graduation. LEAD program helped me develop my leadership skills for professional growth." - Aditi Desai, Graduate


"Testimonials #2"

"Initiate program's counseling session opened my eyes to my potential and suggested the right career path. Grateful to have taken the first step with them." - Pranav Patel, High School Student


"Testimonials #3"

"Enable program's career experts provided valuable insights and feedback. Their personalized guidance helped me achieve my career goals. Highly recommend this program." - Kavita Sharma, Manager


Frequently Asked Questions

You will be working with our team of experienced career counselors who are trained to provide personalized guidance and support based on your individual needs and goals.

The duration of the program varies depending on the package you choose and your specific needs. However, we typically recommend a minimum of 3-6 months to achieve significant progress in your career development journey.

The frequency of career counseling sessions will depend on your package and specific needs. However, we typically recommend weekly or bi-weekly sessions to ensure regular progress and support.


Absolutely! Our program is designed to help individuals at all stages of their career, including those who are currently employed but seeking career growth or change.

While we do not offer a formal certificate upon completion of the program, we do provide a comprehensive report that summarizes your progress and achievements throughout the program. This report can be used as a reference for future career opportunities.


About your Counselor & Coach

Priya Balasubramanian

IIkonz was founded by Priya Balasubramanian, a trained career analyst, life coach, trainer, NLP practitioner, and counselor with a passion for storytelling.With her knowledge and passion for storytelling, she started a forum called Kadhaikalam Vaanga, a platform where she used storytelling to train, coach, and counsel over a hundred people of all ages

"Unlock Your Full Potential: Achieve Self-Awareness and Success with Our Program!"

The program is designed to help people identify their strengths and weaknesses, gain self-awareness, and set achievable goals.

At IIkonz, we believe that everyone is born to make an impact and should earn while making an impact. We also believe that we shouldn't allow ourselves to grow up. In fact, she strongly believes creativity and innovation are driven by childlike wonder.

Our founder's journey is a testament to the transformative power of pursuing one's true passions and using them to help others. At IIkonz, we aim to inspire and empower our clients to find their own unique paths and achieve their dreams.