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iikonz Career Counseling Services

Career development is a continuous process, more so in today’s fast-changing, competitive world. Many factorslike your likes, dislikes, personality and skillsinfluence your career path. iikonz Career Counseling Services (earlier known as Dreammore Career Counseling) help you understand these factors and the world of work better to make informed choices about your education and career.

It is but obvious that when it comes to making important decisions about your career, you must seek career guidance from a “certified” career counselor/analyst. Only a professional, certified career counselor/analyst is equipped to guide you along the right career path. We at iikonz Career Counseling Services provide professional career counseling services to students, young adults, graduates, and professionals.

In the current times, several new career avenues have opened up along with the traditional career options. A lot of these new career streams are exciting and very promising. Yet many people either are not aware of them or are not confident of pursuing them. iikonz  Career Counseling Services provide you professional guidance to follow these new career paths and the opportunities provided by them. Our career counselor makes students aware of the diverse avenues available to them. Apart from careers that follow academics, we can also guide you regarding non-academic career options like arts and sports.

After you have explored multiple top career choices and zeroed in on the career of your choice, we can arrange for a session with a subject matter expert in your chosen field. The subject matter experts working with iikonz Counseling services are pioneers in their respective fields. They can help you get a clear and realistic picture of the final career choice made by you.

Dreammore is now iikonz Career Counseling.

Career Counseling Can Help You To

Discover Your Career Path.

Learn with Passion

Enjoy Your Job

Better Growth Prospects

You will be taken to the dreammore.edumilestones.com website.
This is an iikonz website with our earlier brand name.

What Do We offer?


Career Counseling Services for Students and Professionals

We conduct a complete psychometric assessment of the candidates that helps identify their personality traits, knowledge, skills, abilities, and academic or job potential. This is followed by detailed counseling sessions to help them choose the most suitable career path that matches their personality, interests and skill sets. Timely career guidance will prevent their effort and money being wasted on pursuing the wrong career path. Career counseling and guidance provided by iikonz Counseling Services will help students and professionals alike identify their ideal career path and work towards achieving their life goals without getting stressed.Who can benefit from our services?
  • 5th to 8th standard students: Basic career planning through assessments and skills analysis
  • 10th standard students: Career planning through assessments and group/stream selection
  • 11th and12th standard students: Career planning through assessments and course/career selection
  • Graduates and postgraduates: Career planning through assessments and job/career suitability
Professionals: Career planning through assessments and guidance for midlife career changes or career growth

Consult with Subject Matter Experts

This is an add-on service that you can opt for along with career counseling after exploring the various avenues suitable for you. If you want to get a clear idea about the final career choice made by you, we can book you a 30-45 minutes session with a subject matter expert who will be among the pioneers in the chosen field.

Personality Assessment

We perform a complete psychometric assessment of the candidates and give a detailed analysis report of their personality type. This report helps you know your nature, interests, motivations, and aptitude. The report can be a powerful tool in selecting a suitable career path that will be aligned with your personality.

Highlights of iikonz Career Counseling

5 Dimensional Career Assessment

Indepth Career Counselling Sessions

Highly Accurate & Reliable Report

Detailed Career Map

Consult Subject Matter Experts

You will be taken to the dreammore.edumilestones.com website.
This is an iikonz website with our earlier brand name.

Career Counseling Services

Consult with Subject Matter Experts

  • 30-40 minutes session with a subject matter expert to get clarity about your final career choice

Online counseling sessions using storytelling (one session of one hour long each)

  • Online counseling sessions using storytelling (one session of one hour long each)
  • Complete psychometric assessment
  • Analysis of the milestones report and counseling outcomes
  • Detailed counseling session with parents and student, or client (discussion about the milestones report and suitable career paths)
  • * Personality development training and storytelling workshops can be conducted on request.

Personality Assessment

  • Complete psychometric assessment
  • Detailed analysis report of your personality type

About the Counselor

Priya Balasubramanian is a certified career analyst, professional storyteller, and a theatre practitioner. Priya is a passionate storyteller, life coach, career counselor, and trainer with 3 years of experience as a freelance storyteller, life skills trainer, and career counselor and coach for children and adults. As a school counselor and student empowerment coach, her vision is to help children achieve their fullest potential. Priya is curious and passionate about continuous learning and establishing valuable connections, and seeks to impart the same values through her training. Priya applies the skills and knowledge acquired by her through her training as a career counselor and life coach to make effective use of storytelling for counseling, coaching, and therapy to ensure high retention and recall. She develops solutions based on individuals’ strengths, taking into consideration the emotional and interpersonal challenges in their lives. Priya is a big believer of planning a few steps ahead to grab all potential opportunities and turning adversities in your favour.

Priya Balasubramanian

Founder iikonz