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Why is career counselling important for students?

What is career counselling?

Career counseling is a way to talk to students about what they want to do in the future.  It helps students find out about themselves and understand themselves better. Simply put, career counseling is the process of telling students “what to study” and “how to study.” But how does a person decide?

When is it a good idea to see a career counselor?

If possible, you should start talking to your kids early because kids have to make decisions about what they want to study very early on in school.The first step in career guidance is to get kids used to the world of work. A child should learn that choosing a career is important without being forced or pressured.

It is a good time to discuss career options with students in grade 9. They need to know about your successes and failures, your favorite memories, and the things you wish you had done differently in your career. They can also get help from their siblings and other family members. No matter what, a child should never be forced or tricked into choosing a career path.

Why does it matter?

Back in the day, it was easier to decide what to do for a living. There were not many choices, and even fewer good ones. Some asked their parents and other older family members for advice. Some sought assistance from teachers. Some people chose the same path as their friends. Some just left it up to their grades or even to luck. Few people knew exactly what they wanted to do and stuck to it regardless of the circumstances. The situation is very different now. The internet and every other technological advance that followed it opened up a lot of money-making possibilities. As the world got smaller, even jobs that were laughed at began to show great promise. Today, there are more and more jobs that pay well, and the list keeps growing. In the world we live in now, every student needs career counseling for the reasons listed below:

How to Choose the Right Job:

Career counseling can help students figure out what they are good at, what they like, and who they are as a person so that they can look at themselves and choose the best job for them. For instance, if a student is good at research and writing, they may be told to find a career that fits their personality and skills.

It’s not easy to choose a career:

Expert career counselors at iikonz can help you find the best job for you by helping you figure out who you are and what you want to do.

Think about how hard it would be to teach a child with the little we know. The probability of getting it right is low, and the risk is high. It’s no surprise that so many students choose the wrong course of study because they feel so much pressure to choose a career that will “mean success.”

Obtain the Most Effective Assistance:

If a student is good at science and they take an aptitude test, they will only be told to go into science, and their dreams of becoming photographers will never come true. After a few years, they will be unhappy and restless, imagining what life would have been like if they had just followed their hearts and become photographers instead.

A psychometric test, on the other hand, takes into consideration their desires and personas as well. It helps them find a career that they will not only be good at but also enjoy. Even if they weren’t very good at photography, to begin with, being interested in it would encourage them to work harder to get better, and a few years from now, they wouldn’t be stuck thinking about “what ifs.”

Use your passions and interests to find a job you love:

Take the career assessment test to find a job that fits your interests, personality, and skills.

Inspire students to learn something new:

It gives you unique insights that help you grow as a professional person. Career counselors will tell you to acquire new skills, like a new language or an accredited course that fits your hobbies and interests and will help you grow as a person and in your career.

Change your patterns of behavior:

Both professionals and students have habits that are hard to break, like not keeping up with the latest news in their fields, putting things off, etc. A career counselor with a lot of experience will notice this kind of behavior and make people aware of their habits. So, guidance is not the end of career counseling for students, as it also helps you change the way you act and make you more productive overall.

To make life more stable:

Teenagers have a hard time figuring out what they want to do for the rest of their lives. Most students don’t have a stable life if they don’t get the right career guidance and counseling. They don’t get interested in anything, so they end up with bad jobs. Some of them also keep jumping from one job to the next. But career counseling can help you stay calm when making a decision about your career. Counseling helps you get focused and keep that focus as you do other things. They strive to make your life more structured and easy to handle by making sure you have good plans and schedules. This way, you don’t get thrown under the bus. One step at a time, they help you reach your goal.

Stop Being Furious About Your Job:

Parents and children can both find it hard to choose a career path. If there is no way to talk about feelings and thoughts, it may make things worse. Career counseling gives people a place to talk about their frustrations and refocus on their best career options. It is the best way to talk about all of your career worries and concerns so that you can move forward with confidence and a clear head.

Helps people resist peer or social pressure:

Peer pressure or social pressure that doesn’t get talked about is something that most students deal with. You might make decisions at work that aren’t always the best for you because of peer pressure. Students may also feel some kind of social pressure from their family or friends, which can lead them to choose the wrong job. In these situations, a career counselor may be able to help you handle all of these demands and get you on the right path.

How to Choose a College or University:

It can be hard to choose a college or university. Every day, a new institution is started, and because there are so many different ways to keep track of colleges, their rankings change a lot. So, a career counselor may be able to help you by suggesting the best and most practical school for you based on the degree you want and the city you want to live in. They might also be able to help you by giving you some tips and strategies for the entrance exams or interviews you need to pass to get into the college you want. Before you pursue college, it’s best to talk to a career counselor about what you want to do.

What should parents and other adults do to help guide a child’s career?

Parents and other adults who care for children are very important in helping them choose the correct career path. You should encourage your kids to find out more about the careers they are interested in. Talk to your kids about what they really like and what gets them excited. Talk to them about their goals, fears, doubts, and hopes. Also tell them about family issues like money, where they want to live, etc. You must always work with your child, and if they need help, they must be able to talk to you about it.

Your kids should be able to pick the subjects they want to learn. At the same time, they must know what they are actually good at. In 11th and 12th grade, it’s important to make choices about subjects that you know a lot about. Let them seek guidance from other people and make sure they don’t miss out on anything because they are closed-minded.

Before parents send their kids to career counseling, they should also learn about it and understand how it can help them direct their children. As a parent, you should know exactly what you’re letting your child do. Don’t choose educational counseling just because everyone else does it. To get the best possible results, you should choose the right place to send your kids based on what you know.

How is career advice different from advice from family and friends?

Many young people get career advice from their family, friends, or acquaintances, but the advice they give is generally biased and not well researched.

They give advice about careers based on their likes and dislikes and don’t take other people’s opinions into account.

In contrast, if you go to a professional career counselor or career coach for career advice for students, you will be evaluated, your profile will be looked at, and you’ll be given full advice based on your personality, interests, skills, and strengths.

There are a variety of reasons why students need help with their careers. If you can relate to any of the following, it’s time to get some help with your career:

1.Decide on a major and a course load that you will succeed in.

2.You are a senior in high school, and you need to make some important course selections before you can graduate.

3.Your goal is to enroll at a prestigious university.

4.You’re seeking study strategies to help you ace that entrance exam.

5.You’re considering your job options and want to find the best ones.

6.You want to broaden your knowledge in a particular field.

7.Consider getting career counseling if you want to be happy at work, earn a good salary, and do something you enjoy.

8.Changing occupations is something you want to do, but you need some guidance.

Take away:

Both the children and their parents can learn a lot from the career counseling experience. The process should help individuals respect each other, be open to new ideas, gain trust, and have a positive outlook. And don’t forget that your child needs your assistance, both financially and emotionally, to stay positive and motivated.

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