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iikonz What to Expect From a Career Counseling Session for students.

What to Expect from a Career Counseling Session for Students

What is career counselling?

Career counselling, also known as career guidance, is counselling that is accessible at any stage of life to assist with picking, shifting, or leaving a career.

The Value of Career Counseling

Career counselling could be quite beneficial for anyone looking to make significant career decisions. As people consider their career and educational options, a career counsellor can offer them support, guidance, and assistance.

When someone seeks career counselling, they may receive assistance in identifying their interests and skills, choosing their professional and personal objectives, and creating a strategy to reach those goals.

It can also give people information about the labour market and assist them in making wise career choices. Moreover, career counselling can assist people with stress management, creating efficient job search plans, and coping with difficult working conditions.

The following are some of the reasons why career counselling is essential for all individuals in today’s world:

  1. Choosing the Right Career

Career counselling can help individuals analyse themselves and find the most suitable career options for them by analysing their interests, personalities, and characters.

For example, if a student shines at storytelling, they could be recommended to pursue a career that is a good fit for their skills and personality.

  1. To increase self-awareness and trust.

Career counselling can assist an individual in recognizing the obstacles in their career path by acknowledging their own strengths and weaknesses.

This knowledge helps foster the growth of the self-assurance needed to overcome these challenges.

  1. To dismiss uncertainty

Choosing the right career path can be difficult for both children and parents.

Career counselling offers an opportunity for such misunderstandings to be resolved through the use of customised tools and knowledge regarding a specific career path.

Ikonz Student Career Counseling:

Iikonz provides solutions to assist children in discovering their true calling.it gives kids the resources and tools they need to find their passions and interests, learn the skills and mentality they need to follow their dreams, and make a plan to reach their goals. It has activities like mentorship, career guidance, and career exploration to help kids find out what they are really good at.

The first step is to fill out the Ikonz psychometric assessment, which looks at what the kids are most interested in. 

It is followed by a career counselling session with our expert counsellors, who validate the assessment findings and help your child and you recognize their abilities and areas for development.

Our counsellors assist children in shortlisting the careers they are most likely to like and excel at during the counselling session. Also, respond to any inquiries the youngsters or you have about the shortlisted careers.

We also connect young people with experts in their fields, so they can learn more about what it takes to be successful in their chosen careers.

Over the many sessions we have shared with children and their parents, we have discovered that the parents frequently misjudge what they get out of the counselling process.

Here are a few tips to help you become acquainted with our counselling sessions so that you can come to us well prepared and knowing precisely what to expect.

What Can You Expect from a Career Guidance Session?


The method by which one learns about oneself is known as self-assessment. That definition is a good start, and you’ll often require further information to arrive at a decision about your career’s future.

Who do you think you are? What are your aspirations, values, personal traits, skill sets, and objectives? Career counsellors use a number of methods to help people learn more about themselves.

The use of evaluation tools is one common method. Counsellors may also discuss your aspirations, share stories, or conduct interviews to help you explain your roles or resolve personal issues affecting your career path.

2. An idea about the workplace:

We learn how to be engineers in school. But what if that isn’t your ultimate career goal ? To be fair, a few graduate programs have expanded their course offerings to allow students to pursue other career paths.

And, while the number of institutions offering career services to their engineers grows each year, it is still the individual’s duty to learn about the career options available.

A career counselor can help you learn about the job market by directing you towards career selection or teaching you networking and informational interviewing skills, among many other things. While some of this discovery may begin in the counsellor’s office, the bulk of it must take place outside of the counselling setting.

3. Narrowing and Evaluating Your Career Options:

At this point, you will be integrating what you’ve discovered about yourself and the workplace. It can be hard to do if you haven’t looked into your own wants and needs or the world of work in depth, if you have trouble making decisions, or if you have a lot of realistic and appealing options.

Career counselors may help you recognize how you make decisions or provide decision-making training.

They could also reveal previously unknown connections among the data you’ve gathered. Furthermore, the counselor could simply listen as you discuss your difficulties during this process.

4.Conduct a job search:

The most common reason people seek out a career counselor is for job search assistance. They frequently want to know about job openings and how to write a resume. It is unusual for someone to walk into a counselor’s office and instantly gather data about the ideal job opening.

On the other hand, career counselors can give advice and resources on how to study certain industries or find specific job opening . They can also help job seekers find their networks and use their networking skills to find open spots or create positions.

Career counselors can offer interviewing skills training and assistance in preparing written application forms.

Takeaway :

Ikonz lets you take the career assessment test and helps you assess your core strengths. This is an advanced and accurate career psychometric test that will help students choose the right career based on their strengths and interests.

Contact us to learn more about our career counseling services and to book your sessions.