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iikonz Psychological Counseling Services

iikonz counseling services in Chennai offers individual counseling, parental counseling, and life coaching. We are now offering online and offline counseling: Telecounseling using secure digital platforms.

In counseling, I provide a non-judgmental, safe environment where I support you in regaining your life and your relationships through relief from stress , anxiety, and relational distress. I opened Tell and Heal counseling with the intention of doing what I love: Inspiring transformation, growth, self-compassion, and excitement about living and loving. These transformative changes are achieved through positive psychology, narrative therapy, mindfulness, self-compassion and self-acceptance based interventions. I specialize in working with stress, relationship issues, anxiety, grief,loss, low motivation, a lack of self-acceptance and depleted self-worth.

So many of us struggle with feeling unsatisfied, unbalanced, and in despair due to stress, relationship difficulties, and anxiety. There is nothing abnormal or shameful about struggling; suffering and struggling is part of our human experience. However, this does not have to be your life story, nor should it be. If you are seeking some serious change in your life that you can be proud of and that makes you feel more in sync with your aspirations, your values, and leads you to have more passion and motivation in life and relationships- you’ve come to the right place.

You probably know that you want, need, or deserve a better quality of life that includes balance, love, and joy, but you aren’t sure how to make the changes necessary to achieve this on your own. Together we can promote your own inherent ability to manage and feel more in control of your emotions so that you can stop letting the past or current stressors have so much power over your present, and bring back balance and passion into your life.

Services Offered


Tell and Heal- Individual counseling.

Enhance your ability to manage feelings, thoughts, and experiences:
A one-on-one experience that will lead you to greater self acceptance and confidence.

Meraki – Dream coaching for Women.

For women to be empowered to have the life you want and know you deserve.

Child and adolescent counseling.

Counseling for emotional disturbances, focus problems, and behavioral issues like defiance, eating habits, disrespectful attitude, aggression etc.

Ubuntu – Parental counseling and coaching.

You are not alone in your parental journey. We aim at providing the required tools, guidance, knowledge and support to parents without them having to worry about being judged, in an unbiased, healthy manner. Through parental counseling and coaching, parents become more equipped to take care of their family, especially their children.

Our counselor works with a wide range of challenges and support those struggling with:

Low self-esteem
Lack of motivation
Major life transitions
Establishing healthy boundaries
Relationship and marriage problems
Panic attacks
Grief and loss
Communication challenges
Personal Empowerment
Stress management
Shame and guilt
Body image

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*20 mins free consultation over phone.
Counseling charges – Rs.1000 per hour for offline session. Rs.800 per session for offline counseling.
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